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Dave Ulrich Talent Academy

A results-based guided learning journey that helps leaders develop the skills to build talent and human capability that delivers greater business impact.

Also offered as part of RBL Omnia
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Dave Ulrich
Learn from the “Father of Modern HR”
—HR Magazine

Your organization's long-term success depends on your ability to attract, develop, engage, and retain the very best people.

In this 6-week academy, participants learn how to:

  • Engage and empower individuals and teams through coaching to achieve better business results
  • Manage the increasing customization of work
  • Better source, screen, develop, and retain talent
  • Create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture
  • Increase engagement through developing and living your employee value proposition

Join Dave Ulrich and other leading experts in a virtual, cohort-based journey that will give you the resources available to win the war for talent and build human capability.

  • You will learn directly from Dave Ulrich, other experts, and your peers how to engage and empower talent and build human capability.
  • The academy is organized to help you focus on (1) increasing employee engagement, (2) sourcing and retaining talent, (3) creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture, (4) building value for employees.
  • Participants complete 12 learning modules (two per week) at times that work for them.
  • Modules include videos, reflections, cohort discussions, polls, and additional exercises.
  • In addition to the online materials, participants receive a guide with the relevant slides, models, and tools.
  • Each week participants will come together with their cohort virtually for a consultant-led session.
  • The consultant-led sessions provide a space for RBL consultants and academy participants to discuss applications specific to the participants’ organization and situation.

Watch Dave Ulrich (Co-Founder, The RBL Group) introduce the Talent Academy.

“There is no question that talent matters to an organization’s success. Today general managers and HR professionals need to help their organizations move beyond fighting the talent war to winning it.”

Dave Ulrich
Co-Founder & Partner
The RBL Group

Learning together with team members can increase the impact of the Talent Academy through diving deep into the particular HR and business needs of your organization.

If you'd like to enroll a group either in a public session or an in-house private session, please fill in the form below. We'll contact you to answer any questions and explore ways to customize the academy experience to your needs.

The Talent Academy is one of the results-based guided learning journeys offered in RBL Omnia. Together with powerful assessments and a deep research repository, RBL Omnia is an integrated solution to build human capability with business impact in your organization.