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Unlock Your Business Potential with Human Capability Solutions from RBL Asia. Gain the competitive edge you need to succeed with our comprehensive HR, leadership, and organisation capabilities assessment, development and consulting services.

  • Leadership Development: We provide comprehensive leadership development which is tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. Our experienced consultants will work with you to identify areas of focus and create a roadmap to help you reach your goals. 
  • Strategic HR: Anchored with over 30 years of extensive research in Strategic HR, RBL has unique insights into what makes an effective HR professional and what are the critical HR practices that creates value for the business. Our comprehensive HR development solutions help organizations link HR initiatives to what creates the most value for the business and maximises human capability outcomes.
  • HR and Leadership Assessments: Our HR and leadership assessment provide insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation's leaders, HR business partners and professionals. By understanding the risks and opportunities associated with each member of your leadership and HR team, we can help work with organizations to develop targeted developmental plans and strategies that meet business outcomes.
  • Organisation Transformation: We provide services to help you identify and embed organisational capabilities. Our consultants can help you implement organisational change initiatives to drive increased performance and productivity. We also offer HR transformation services to help you align HR activities with business strategy.

We have worked with many global and Asian companies with operations in the following countries: Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand.

Our familiarity with the organizational, leadership and HR needs and cultural norms of this region enables us to customise solutions for your leaders and talent in the Asia Pacific region.

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Asia HR & Leadership Development Programs

Strategic HR 3.0: An agile development experience for HR Development

Delivery Format:
In-person, Singapore
Target Participants:
HR Business partners, Functional HR heads, or High Potential HR Leaders
Upcoming Dates:
  • February 2023 run: 
    • Phase 1:  16 - 17 February
    • Phase 2:  16 - 17 March
  • October 2023 run: 
    • Phase 1:  5 - 6 October
    • Phase 2:  9 - 10 November

About This Program:

In this age of disruption and volatility, an innovative HR business partner needs to respond with an outside-in approach to external business conditions and align its work with business contexts and stakeholders. 

RBL faculty will introduce core models, frameworks, and practical tools for strategic HR development and training. The program covers a HR Competency 360 assessment, an application project and the following training modules:  

  • Module 1: How HR Creates Value
  • Module 2: HR Business Partnering Skills
  • Module 3: HRCS 360º Feedback and Business Partnering Skills
  • Module 4: Change Management 
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Explore RBL's results-based guided learning programs with our premier offering, RBL Omnia.

We provide clients with human capability solutions tailored to your business needs and which deliver results through Organization, Leadership, Talent, and Strategic HR. RBL—which stands for Results Based Leadership—helps you maximize the impact of your people and organization. We've perfected a client-centered, business-oriented, outside in approach that's grounded in research and designed to deliver results. By embracing this outside in approach, organizations we work with come away with a stronger leadership pipeline that delivers customer and shareholder confidence.

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