RBL Omnia

Our premier offering brings together decades of research, practical applications, and cultivates professional networks within your organization.

RBL Omnia is an integrated solution for developing human capability across talent, leadership, organization, and HR to drive greater business impact. 

RBL Omnia at its core provides four different services to help drive success within your company

  • RBL Academies: World-class, guided-learning academies, accessible on a virtual platform and facilitated through live, expert-led consulting sessions.
  • Assessments: Business leaders and HR professionals gain valuable insight into how they can grow and best deliver value to their business.
  • Organization Guidance System: Revolutionary process for identifying, measuring, and monitoring highest impact human capability investments.
  • Research Repository: Large library of human capability content that includes videos, white papers, articles, toolkits, monthly podcasts, etc.
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This common language and shared tools go a long way towards accelerating execution.

— Norm Smallwood, Co-Founder of The RBL Group
Now is the time to make measurable impact on your business. Build leaders, professionals, and organizations with RBL Omnia. .
  1. Develop leaders and professionals at all levels with our results-based guided learning journeys. These digital, cohort-based development programs are designed to build business skills for professionals at all levels. Each academy includes self-paced content and live expert-led facilitated sessions. RBL Omnia includes access to the following:

  2. Access to RBL's Leadership Assessments and HR Assessments. Using assessments based on decades of empirical research, business leaders and HR professionals gain valuable insight into how they can grow and best deliver value to their business.

  3. Prioritize human capability investments that drive business results. Organization Guidance System distills decades of our research and practical application to guide you to prioritize which investments will have most impact on your business results. Bring this breakthrough technology into your organization to identify, measure and monitor the highest impact solutions.

  4. Unlimited access to RBL’s constantly growing collective of playbooks, toolkits, webcasts, podcasts, and other learning resources accessible in one searchable hub where team members can learn, connect, and share. At the foundation of this repository is highly practical content developed for and with RBL clients over the past 15 years. Contact us to learn more about the Research Repository. 

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