MENTOR® Leadership Battery

A more detailed picture enables better decision-making.

Psychometric and cognitive assessment is emerging as a critical tool to better understand strengths and weaknesses of your current and potential future leaders and is key to any organization’s sustained success. The MENTOR® Leadership Battery is a research-based tool that integrates psychometric and cognitive assessment. It can be used to understand how individual leaders can improve leadership effectiveness, where they will best perform in your organization, and how they can help deliver your leadership brand. 

Find out if your leaders have what it takes to succeed.

When leaders fail, it has huge financial and organizational costs. Ensuring that you have the right leaders in place, focused on building the right skills for their current and future responsibilities, takes more than gut instinct.  

The MENTOR Leadership Battery measures individual strengths and weaknesses including personality attributes, team role preferences, leadership indicators, and conceptual complexity. One of the most sophisticated and robust tools on the market, MENTOR looks at 26 dimensions of leadership to help indicate a leader’s current and probable future performance effectiveness. Detailed reports and feedback provide insights that are critical to understanding how individual leaders operate and how they can improve.

Put the right leaders in the right roles.

MENTOR assessments can be used for:

Leader Feedback & Development

Individual leaders who take the assessment receive an individual feedback report during a 1:1 feedback session conducted by a certified coach. During the session, leaders work with their feedback coach to identify development priorities. Leaders create an action plan focused on one or two specific key areas for improvement with the greatest potential to affect current and future job performance.

Candidate Position Fit

Used during the leadership selection process, particularly for high-visibility and high-risk hiring decisions, MENTOR improves the odds of finding the right people and getting them started on the right foot. Each candidate begins by completing the MENTOR assessment battery. Trained analysts then review and interpret the results, compare them to the job requirements and the candidate’s profile, and provide recommendations on fit for the position. This process is primarily designed for more senior leadership levels of the organization.

High Potential Identification

RBL uses proprietary indexes of capability and personality attributes associated with executive leadership success to help identify those candidates who are more likely to succeed in the future. With this information, organizations can target development investments more accurately so that they can have a greater impact on short and long-term business performance.  This process is effective at all levels of the organization.

Improve current and future job performance.

A powerful talent tool, MENTOR can help you improve the performance of current leaders while building your talent pipeline with the right people and focusing everyone on the skills and capabilities that are most critical to your business success.

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