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Accelerating Business through Advancing Human Capability: Research Insights and Practical Solutions from the HR Competency Study (HRCS) Round 8

Join a community of HR and business leaders as Dave Ulrich and the research team shares insights and practical solutions from the eighth round of the HR Competency Study (HRCS). The survey includes responses from over 27,000 global leaders and will help you gain a deeper understanding of how HR practices impact your organization’s ability to win in the marketplace and what individual HR competencies drive business success. RBL and Michigan Ross, collaborators on the study, are delighted to invite you to this event.

For over 34 years, the Human Resource Competency Study (HRCS) has empirically defined the competencies of HR professionals and how those HR professionals impact performance. Conducted by The RBL Group in partnership with the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan along with 19 regional partners, the study surveyed over 27,000 respondents rating the competencies and performance of more than 3,500 HR professionals from more than 1,500 organizations.

This round focused in greater detail on understanding the competencies that are critical for strategic business partnering that impacts business results and on the organization capabilities HR helps deliver. The Round 8 HR Competency Model includes 5 Domains: Accelerates Business, Advances Human Capability, Simplifies Complexity, Mobilizes Information, and Fosters Collaboration.

Read more details about the model, domains, and sub-domains.


For 34 years, the HR Competency Study has defined the competencies of HR professionals.

HRCS is the largest global study on HR with over 115,000 ratings spanning 34 years. Round 8 of this study seeks to answer the questions, “How can you as an HR professional standout in your business? How does the maturity and sophistication of the HR department impact business performance? What competencies are most important for your professional development, and how do businesses build capabilities?

View preliminary results on Diversity & Inclusion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will the full results of the HRCS Round 8 be shared?

    The final HRCS results will be published in late Spring or early Summer when the full study analyses are completed. Final results will be published in papers, articles, and later, a book.

  • What are the objectives of the HRCS?

    Our ongoing objective of the HRCS is to evaluate how HR competencies are changing and how those competencies drive business performance. In this round of the study, we will focus on:

    1. The maturity and sophistication of the HR department. Does the maturity and sophistication of the HR department impact business performance?
    2. Business impact. Is it the practice or the outcome of the practice that has the business impact?
    3. Practice. How do businesses build capabilities? Do business processes, systems, technologies build capabilities?
    4. Change. Does the environment for the business change what it needs from HR?
  • Who is conducting the HRCS?

    The Human Resource Competency Study is sponsored by the Ross School of Business at the University Michigan and The RBL Group with assistance from regional partners around the globe. The HRCS is directed by Mike Ulrich, Patrick Wright, and Erin Burns with collaboration from Scott DeRue, Dave Ulrich, and Wayne Brockbank. These individuals have combined to write dozens of books and hundreds of articles about the field of Human Resources that have shaped the role of HR professionals for over 30 years.


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