Case Study

Leaders Aligned

The Problem

An NGO with twenty-five years of experience in the third sector saw rapid expansion throughout several continents. Despite strong values and clear vision at the helm, the quick expansion highlighted the need to strengthen leadership capabilities to ensure the vision would be executed in a way which was consistent with the movement’s core values. With such evident need for strong leadership, the NGO needed to transition so that strong core values were reflected everywhere in order to consistently fulfil their life changing purpose, and secure survival and sustainability.

In hindsight, building up these leadership capabilities would also play an important role in the unseen, but looming challenges of Covid-19.

The Solution

Ahead of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, the senior leadership team worked with The RBL Group to help them articulate and align their leadership brand to their strategy and firm brand drawing on the RBL Leadership Code and their unique differentiators. Interviews with several key external stakeholders clarified what was of greatest value to them, bringing understanding from the outside-in.

Beyond the senior leadership team, the organization partnered with RBL to co-create a leadership academy that would ensure consistency in the quality of leaders developed across the organization. The goal was to create a common language and understanding around what great leadership looks like and what behaviors are truly valued throughout the entire global movement.  

Thanks so much for the Leadership Academy. I must admit that I am not usually good at formal trainings but better at hands on, but I really learned lots and got tools that can be applied to my day to day job.

Country director, Africa

The Outcome

More than 60 leaders in nineteen countries have been assessed and developed against the leadership brand in 24 months. This clarity about capability has facilitated the organization’s ability to achieve its growth targets, deliver on its promises and generate confidence among stakeholders that has led to increased funding even through the global pandemic.

The articulated leadership brand was widely incorporated throughout the UK, Europe, Africa, USA and Canada in time to help leaders unite and align in their response to the challenges presented by Covid-19.

Building onto the leadership development already carried out, we are working together to continue training leaders to consistently handle challenges of all types in a way that fits the firm brand.