Case Study

Targeted People and Organization Investments

The Problem

A large healthcare organization that began as a decentralized system of hospitals has seen rapid change in their market. As a player in a consistently evolving arena with 165,000 associates and facilities in over 20 states in the US, this organization is due to transform into a single system for the well-being of associates and patients.

Having worked with consulting firms in the past, they noticed that things went well while the consultants were on site doing data collection and setting up for implementation. But, when the consultants left, the healthcare organization didn’t have the capabilities to continue successfully. They wanted to improve, but were unclear about what to fix to deliver results to their stakeholders.

The Solution

The healthcare organization’s Senior leadership team deliberated and chose improving customer/patient results as their enterprise focus. With a defined focus, their top twenty executives completed the surveys in all four pathways–talent, leadership, organizational capabilities, and HR–on The Organization Guidance System used that information to identify which dimension of each pathway would have the greatest impact on customer/patient results.

The Outcome

  • The Organization Guidance System has provided data for Senior leaders to get clarity about which people and organization investments will most improve patient results. HR and functional leaders are currently identifying high impact solutions that will deliver results patients expect.
  • The organization now has the tools and training to create the necessary capabilities and maintain them around patient experience without continuously retaining consultants.
  • The data Senior leaders provided through the Organization Guidance System provides a baseline for sustained monitoring and measurement.