Create Results-Based Teams

By Ernesto Uscher | May 15, 2020

Key Takeaways: 

  • Teams exist to deliver differentiated results to key stakeholders.
  • In an ecosystem world, teams become the most effective way to deliver customer-centric value.

Creating a work group can be easy. Creating a functional self-driven, Results-Based Team takes time and effort. The extraordinary results from Results-Based Teams have proven time and again to be worth the extra effort.

At RBL we are confident your teams could consistently deliver the right results the right way, which is especially vital during times of unsurety. We have the approach and the tools to guide them toward that goal. The slideshare above explains the foundational principles of a Results-Based Team and our deployment approach for every levels of team needs. As you read above, consider if the impact of your teams now. Are they delivering the desired outcomes?

The eight characteristics of Results-Based Teams are attainable for your team. Most importantly, building capability on the team level will increase the performance of the whole organization. Our research shows that teams can be four times more effective than individuals. Let RBL work with you to harness that power and deliver the results your organization is capable of achieving.

Learn more about Results-Based Teams or contact us to start a conversation about your specific team needs.

Ernesto is a Partner and Managing Director, Latin America with The RBL Group. His work currently emphasizes the development of strategic leadership, executive teams and HR practices in the Hispanic markets. 

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