Build leadership and HR competency to drive business results.

Your people are what sets your business apart. Your business leaders and HR professionals share responsibility for tapping the full potential of your people and mobilizing them to deliver on customer and investor expectations. The RBL Group’s development services are designed to give existing leaders, emerging leaders, and HR professionals the skills they need to fuel your organization’s ability to unleash the power of your people.

Without external perspective, development efforts don’t create lasting change.

Even great companies can make the mistake of believing leaders and HR professionals should focus improvement efforts solely around what the current high performers do well. At RBL we believe that this inside-out approach is relevant, but not sufficient. More importantly, HR and leadership development should be grounded in an outside-in perspective. Leadership development should be focused on behaviors that matter to customers. HR development should be focused on behaviors that enable professionals to think and act in ways that help the business deliver results that customers and investors value.

Building capability can happen virtually or in-person.

RBL’s experience in all formats—face-to-face, blended, and virtual—means we can choose the right method to deliver the outcomes you need in any situation.  Some audiences and some topics work fine in a virtual format.  Others require a face-to-face or blended setting to get the right results.  Having a variety of tools to deliver development initiatives allows us to help clients deliver leadership and HR development in a way that creates impact while balancing cost, quality, and travel requirements.

RBL makes development stick by building skills that matter.

Using our outside-in perspective, we create dynamic development programs based on globally recognized research. Each solution combines assessment feedback with 1:1 coaching and marries classroom learning with practical application so participants can put theory into practice in ways that drive immediate results and payoff for your organization. Whether you are looking for a quick hit for your entire organization or a robust, year-long program for senior-level high potentials, we customize our content and shape it fit your unique needs and budget.

Ultimately, leaders and HR professionals gain the knowledge and skills they need not only to succeed in their individual roles, but to contribute to the overall success of the organization now and in the future. They become adept at focusing all of the organization’s people resources on stakeholder satisfaction and value creation.

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