Integrate 360 assessment results with development planning.

Assessments are only valuable when they translate into meaningful personal change for the individuals who take them. Momentum is an online development tool that helps business leaders respond proactively to their 360 assessment results. With Momentum, leaders are guided to take accountability for working on the areas of opportunity identified by their assessments.

Creating and sticking with development plans can be a challenge.

Organizations often lack the internal resources to support all leaders in creating and executing their personal development plans. They struggle with how to create accountability for development and how to measure behavior change.

Streamline the development process.

Momentum simplifies and energizes development by providing a process, resources, and tools for creating and tracking personal development plans in one simple, functional platform, filling the gap between taking a 360 and acting on it. Through tracking and measurement tools, it creates accountability and gives the organization visibility into who is making progress and how much change is happening.  The online course helps professionals:

  1. Assess: Take the initial 360 assessment. Results feed seamlessly into the Momentum platform, making development planning easy.
  2. Discover: Virtual learning modules use an engaging mix of video, narration, application exercises, and reading materials to help participants fully understand the feedback before they receive their results.
  3. Identify: Participants use the strength analysis matrix to determine individual development priorities that align with business priorities.
  4. Plan: Using an action-planning wizard, a complete library of development suggestions, and input from raters, they can create and update customized action plans 24/7.
  5. Measure: Maintain momentum and track progress with interim and final 360s.
  6. Connect:  Connect with other users and discuss ideas with colleagues using the community feature.

Boost ROI on your 360 feedback.

With Momentum, it’s easy to get the greatest value from your assessment investment. By giving leaders access to everything they need to facilitate a year-long development program, Momentum ensures your organization’s key people continually get better, leading to greater individual satisfaction, building your talent pipeline, and improving your organization’s ability to meet stakeholder expectations and deliver business results.

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