Virtual Development

Facilitator Led. Participant Owned.

RBL helps organizations turn the cliche “our people are our biggest asset” into reality. By combining RBL’s unique customer and investor-centric development content with an interactive, learner-centric experience, investing in your people can deliver tangible value to customers and stakeholders.

Development technologies have outpaced most organizations' ability to effectively apply them.

The flood of new technologies aimed at improving—or revolutionizing—how individuals learn in settings as diverse as workplaces, elementary schools, and living rooms has created so many options that many organizations feel paralyzed as they try to define a learning strategy. Employees, especially younger employees, are rejecting traditional development methods. Organizations want cheaper, faster, or more targeted solutions. Learning & Development teams want better results, clear measures, and greater impact. And leaders want it all to happen yesterday.

In addition to these increased pressures, there is no clear consensus about which tools best support which strategies. And all too often, these technologies don’t live up to their promises and have not been able to successfully engage participants. The balance of content delivery remains weighted toward the “expert” delivering to the usually disengaged or double-tasking participants.

In the face of these pressures, many organizations find it hard to answer these increasingly common questions:

  • How do we continue to develop our people when face-to-face isn’t possible?
  • How do we engage individuals in their development where they sit right now?
  • How do we drive individual and organizational action through virtual learning?
  • How can we bring together global peers for shared learning, without the disruption and cost of travel?

Learner-centric virtual development can be more effective than traditional development strategies.

RBL’s experience in virtual development can help you craft a virtual development program specific to your unique needs. We work with you to identify the best development solutions given the needs of your business. Together, we will co-create a learning journey tailored to your unique culture and challenges facing your organization. We accomplish this through tight integration and tailoring of RBL’s outside-in content library to the client’s specific needs. Virtual delivery is incredibly flexible, and just like our live sessions, none of this feels the same from client to client because we recognize that each client needs different things.

"The best facilitators I have ever worked with. There is nothing like knowing that the content you are so invested in is being delivered at it’s very best."

Lisa, Supervisor, Talent Development, Multi-National Energy Company

RBL’s research-based development content in leadership and strategic hr has been refined with leading companies around the world. Over the last five years, we have been re-engineering that content for a variety of digital platforms. This isn’t death by a digital-version of a million slides, but a true integration of exceptional content with an interactive virtual or blended format.

That content is combined with an instructor-led, participant owned process, or what we refer to as VILD (virtual instructor led development). VILD is a multi-module engagement designed for cohorts (ideal size of 12–18) and facilitated by an RBL thought leader. Key concepts are delivered via a variety of media and participants interact with the content in a variety of ways (individually, with members of their cohort, with stakeholder on the job, with coaches). Interspersed throughout the journey, cohort-specific virtual sessions are facilitated by RBL faculty where the group comes together around deliberate topics like discussion of challenges in application or learnings from conversations with stakeholders. Often, these group sessions include mini-breakouts where subgroups tackle specific issues and then report back to the cohort. These shared group experiences accelerate learning and best practice, build relationships across geographical boundaries, and create a connected learning journey.

A differentiated approach to virtual learning.

RBL’s VILD approach shifts the balance between “expert” and “learner” to draw participants in to learning and applying content in ways that engage the individuals participating in the program and benefit their internal and external stakeholders. Virtual sessions bring people together regardless of where they are geographically. The targeted pre-work engages participants in relevant learning and the session discussions necessitate active participation in the learning journey. The post-work, peer coaching, and after-action-reviews reinforce the learning through a process of continuous application, reflection, and change that drives the individual and organization forward.

For over 5 years, RBL’s VILD programs have been delivered to thousands of leaders and HR professionals, in intimate cohort groups, to rave reviews from some of the world’s best-known organizations.

"Great flexibility and targeted at exactly what we needed. The virtual sessions were very engaging and allowed for a lot of interaction and discussion among the participants about how things play out here."

Director HRBPs, Global Healthcare Company

"Top vendor I have worked with. Why? The great partnership, flexibility, innovation and customer service. Stellar!!!"

Heather, Talent Magagement Specialist, Multi-National Energy Company

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