Case Study

Leadership Code Workshops to Build a Stronger Pipeline of Leaders

The Problem

A large national bank was getting feedback from the Board that they needed to do something about leadership. Investors weren’t very confident in the bank’s ability to have leaders ready for future needs. RBL met with the CEO and helped clarify what their strategy was and what the talent implications of that strategy were.

The Solution

The bank decided to begin by getting all of their executives to speak the same way about leadership and by measuring them on the same competencies. Over the course of two years, RBL ran Leadership Code workshops and 360 assessments for over 300 leaders.

The bank was very happy with the results of this workshop and has delivered Leadership Code content to a much larger pool (1000+ leaders). They have also worked with us to develop a custom leadership competency model with unique differentiators based on their business strategy.

The Outcome

Of those who have been through our programs, 70% either increased their scores or stayed the same in what was now a more competitive environment. Scores on every domain improved—with competencies improving by 40-80%.

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