Exploring Different Options for Virtual Development

By Martha Liliana Ruiz, Jade White, Darryl Wee, Jessica Johnson | May 13, 2020

Technology today enables organizations the flexibility to build HR and leadership capability virtually. RBL experts explain various virtual options which can be custom-fit to deliver the value your organization needs.

Are you considering virtual development options? Feeling unsure considering the current economic climate? Winning organizations take measured actions now to benefit stakeholders today and in the future. In this time of uncertainty, it may seem like investing in leadership or HR capability is an extra cost; however, development of key roles in your organization has never been more vital. Building leadership and HR capability with RBL's outside in methodology repeatedly proves to impact the business for good.

Contact us to begin discussing how we can work together to create the virtual development program that your organization needs to build stakeholder confidence and deliver results.

Martha Ruiz is a Principal at The RBL Group. She has almost twenty years of experience managing HR, talent and leadership initiatives, including consulting and coaching, as well as facilitating training and strategy sessions in Latin America. 

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Jade is a former Principal with The RBL Group, and has over 25 years in the strategic HR, talent management and leadership development fields.

Darryl is the managing director of The RBL Group in Asia. He has more than 20 years of experience in business consulting, human resources and leading organizational change.

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Jessica Johnson is a Principal with The RBL Group. She has worked with organizations around the world as an executive coach, teacher, and facilitator and has published widely on the topics of leadership, HR, and talent management. 

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